Heihachi Mishima VS Geese Howard (Tekken VS King of Fighters) | DEATH BATTLE!

Two bad bosses and even badder dads go head-to-head!

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  1. Isri Joji

    Isri Joji

    12 saatler önce

    When they both punched each other in the face it was so hype

  2. Hiddenus


    20 saatler önce

    When they end up in same game but never get the versus everyone wanted and most incompetent guys have to do it instead.

  3. BrotherMoonJag


    23 saatler önce

    The deliberate omission of information turns making a prediction into pure guesswork. This is becoming a bigger issue in the DB's as of late.

  4. TV Sized Anime Channel

    TV Sized Anime Channel

    Gün önce

    Luffy in d battle

  5. Shadow21GX


    Gün önce

    Elon Musk and the King of Iron Tesla.

  6. Nicolas Gonzales

    Nicolas Gonzales

    Gün önce

    Can somebody tell me the name of the vid in geese Howard intro at 7:39

  7. Master Assassin

    Master Assassin

    2 gün önce


  8. Drawboy66


    2 gün önce

    "Don't say it..." "PREDICTABLE!!!"

  9. Ramon Martinez

    Ramon Martinez

    2 gün önce

    Heihachi le gana por mucho a Gesee

  10. Daniel Ferrieri

    Daniel Ferrieri

    2 gün önce

    Heihachi vs Geese: Bad Fathers. Super Mario Rodeo Blood Waluigi (MUC) vs Five Nights At Freddy Adventure Purple Guy (MUC): Men in Purple

  11. christopher rosado

    christopher rosado

    3 gün önce

    Jinpachi Mishima Vs Akuma would be interesting

  12. david lopez

    david lopez

    4 gün önce

    I hate how lazy yall got with the animation in the fights. That really sucks.

  13. Burning Typhoon

    Burning Typhoon

    4 gün önce

    @11:15 Obvious fan game.

  14. Brovada Hunter

    Brovada Hunter

    5 gün önce

    Shao Kahn vs Heihachi Mishima

  15. LastTrinity 07

    LastTrinity 07

    5 gün önce

    When they said that geese was the king of fighters, I was like "yeah right. Rugal was way better"

  16. Night Bot

    Night Bot

    5 gün önce

    6:31 oh to have.... such *CAKE!*

  17. gantz22ify


    5 gün önce

    “I did not heet her, I DID NAUGHT. Oh Heihachi.

  18. TheOnlyGHOST1015


    5 gün önce

    Nicely made Death battle

  19. K Llo

    K Llo

    5 gün önce

    Since the 90s I was calling him Geez Howard

  20. Marvin Jones

    Marvin Jones

    6 gün önce

    Put Nina(tekken) in death battle vs black widow(marvel) or mystique(marvel) PLEASE!!!

  21. Javier Díaz Montero

    Javier Díaz Montero

    6 gün önce

    Marth and Geese: Predictable xd!!

  22. Simoun O'Brien

    Simoun O'Brien

    7 gün önce

    15:01 Hands down one of the best music tunes in DB :D!!!!

  23. Manic B. Nova

    Manic B. Nova

    7 gün önce

    Didn't the old guy turn himself young one time?

    • Victor Espi Soler

      Victor Espi Soler

      4 gün önce

      In Tekken Tag 2.. But is not completely canon. Plus to turn young he drinks one potion each certain time as we can see in his ending.

  24. Pokemon Fan

    Pokemon Fan

    7 gün önce

    DEATH BATTLE: Sakura Kasugano VS Rock Howard (Street Fighters VS King of Fighters)

  25. Simoun O'Brien

    Simoun O'Brien

    8 gün önce

    Heihachi vs Geese the Count Dooku of Death Battle XD!!!

  26. Haywood D. Johnson

    Haywood D. Johnson

    8 gün önce

    Ummm, false. Heihachi didn’t do that spinny-top kick thing or that axe kick...

  27. The Watcher

    The Watcher

    9 gün önce

    When you enter the Nether and forget to drink a fire resistance Potion : 16:59

  28. Jordan Hawes

    Jordan Hawes

    10 gün önce

    geese is from fatal fury not king of fighters, although he did appear as a guest in 1 or 2 king of fighters games

  29. Hopeful Hyena

    Hopeful Hyena

    10 gün önce

    Would have loved to hear a "Die. Forever"

  30. JJ S

    JJ S

    10 gün önce

    Akuma VS Rugal (Street fighter VS King of Fighters)| DEATH BATTLE! Just and idea :D

  31. Heihachi Mishima

    Heihachi Mishima

    10 gün önce

    Try again in your next life

  32. JJ_is_ponytaku


    11 gün önce

    Could've just filmed the entire fight in Tekken 7, smh

  33. Zee K.

    Zee K.

    11 gün önce

    Do a Tekken vs Baki episode (any character would do but I'd like to see Heihachi vs Yujiro)

  34. Vic Vic

    Vic Vic

    11 gün önce

    Bro you can easily have this battle on Tekken 7

  35. Capri Sun: Beirut Blast

    Capri Sun: Beirut Blast

    12 gün önce

    Gah, they pronounced "predictabo" wrong

  36. Joedn Guinsiman

    Joedn Guinsiman

    12 gün önce

    How about YUJIRO HANMA(from BAKI) vs HIEHACHI MISHIMA..... both are martial artist hehe

  37. ozzy csh

    ozzy csh

    13 gün önce

    kunimitsu vs Taki

  38. Angel Luis Rosario Rodriguez

    Angel Luis Rosario Rodriguez

    13 gün önce

    In America you teach humans karate but in soviet Russia you teach bears karate

  39. Coolwarrior 29

    Coolwarrior 29

    13 gün önce

    Why didn't you just let them fight in Tekken I mean Geese is in it

  40. Thomas Lamson

    Thomas Lamson

    13 gün önce

    14:47 They said "fight" again. You happy?

  41. Crimson Excalibur

    Crimson Excalibur

    14 gün önce

    Jack Sparrow Vs Edward Kenway

  42. Khadijah Joy Sams

    Khadijah Joy Sams

    14 gün önce

    I love Aikijutsu

  43. Cool Enzo

    Cool Enzo

    15 gün önce

    He should have just said the reason why he killed his mom

  44. Angel Martinez

    Angel Martinez

    15 gün önce

    Blade vs Edward Cullen



    15 gün önce

    Scariest death of the year

  46. DankTheGank


    15 gün önce

    02:01 We didn’t need to see him twerk...

  47. Smusky


    16 gün önce

    That was badass!!

  48. Tsayin


    16 gün önce

    This is literally an old man fight except very exaggerated

  49. Kristofferan


    16 gün önce

    Alucard (Hellsing) vs. Vampire Hunter D, or Dracula (Castlevania)

  50. JF


    17 gün önce

    wait wait wait.... Geese brother is named Krauser and yet Geese look like Krauser (RE4)?

  51. Jeremiah W

    Jeremiah W

    17 gün önce

    Broomstick vs wiz? 😂imagine 😂😂



    17 gün önce

    Tekken? Let's go

  53. stacey craig

    stacey craig

    18 gün önce


  54. Carlos Roberto Zambrano Barba

    Carlos Roberto Zambrano Barba

    18 gün önce

    This isint a Iron fist tournament is a mortal Kombat tournament lol

  55. Tristan Rallos

    Tristan Rallos

    18 gün önce

    Geese would’ve won if they were fighting at the Howard Estate

  56. Jack Andrews

    Jack Andrews

    18 gün önce

    Moral of the fight: Respect your elders

  57. Vampylass 36

    Vampylass 36

    19 gün önce

    Why the biggest reasons why Geese lost, he wasn’t man enough to care for his son. Which makes him more of a monster than Heihachi.

  58. shattered life

    shattered life

    19 gün önce

    PLEASE PLEASE Geras (MK11) vs doomsday (dc)

  59. Carlos Garnica

    Carlos Garnica

    19 gün önce

    Probably one of the best recent fights in death Battle.

  60. M M

    M M

    19 gün önce

    B4 watching, I'm guessing heihachi would win or tekken universe would win.

  61. Breithe Nua, An Aspy Gamer

    Breithe Nua, An Aspy Gamer

    19 gün önce

    So, Geese is basically just shittier but more successful Steven Seagal.

  62. Howard Saldana

    Howard Saldana

    20 gün önce

    Make us proud. King 🐆 (Tekken) vs Tizoc 🦅 (King of Fighters) 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  63. tOSdude


    20 gün önce

    Is the season finale just gonna be Boomstick vs his dad?

  64. Airank


    20 gün önce

    Heihachi would've won a lot faster if he had eaten his big hot dog

  65. Kwame Nyarko

    Kwame Nyarko

    21 gün önce

    The winner is *always* Heihachi

  66. dalton blankinship

    dalton blankinship

    21 gün önce

    I think that they bet both their legacies and decided corporate talk wouldn’t have worked, both were villains but they were real ones till the end.

  67. Saad Khan

    Saad Khan

    22 gün önce

    Death Battle sure knows how to produce entertaining fights with satisfying results

  68. Stephen Lucas

    Stephen Lucas

    22 gün önce

    Predictable. 14:51 Predictable. 15:23 Predictable. 15:39 Predictable. 16:03

  69. Officially Gia

    Officially Gia

    22 gün önce

    We wana see kazuya a

  70. Reggie Onabu

    Reggie Onabu

    22 gün önce

    The deathbattle is interesting, however, the animated wiz and broomstick is not really necessary. More attention should be given to the animation of the actual versus battle. I still appreciate you all at Screwattack and rooster teeth, I know that it is not easy to draw or create battle animation.

  71. GhostFace


    22 gün önce

    I love both of this characters but, yes, Heihachi is the strongest one. And he is the only character from Tekken that should be in Smash Bros Ultimate. Him and maybe Jin Kazama.

  72. Beta Maxis

    Beta Maxis

    22 gün önce

    Boomstick, if you think geese and seans are lame, then I suggest you do not piss one of them off, or you will swiftly be disabused of the notion.

  73. Angel Floress

    Angel Floress

    22 gün önce

    Yujiro Hanma vs Bane (Baki vs DC)

  74. Justin Green

    Justin Green

    22 gün önce

    Really like Adam and eve and would support channel but they don't deliver here illegal in the Bible belt

  75. LightSoul 8

    LightSoul 8

    22 gün önce

    Geese: "Pr-" Heihachi: "You're one to talk!" Geese: "How'd you know what I was going to say?" Heihachi: "You're too...'predictable'." Geese: "LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE SH-"

  76. GodGanji's TreeOfLife

    GodGanji's TreeOfLife

    23 gün önce

    Heihachi's Father. Wife. Son & grandson all have demon DNA. Even 1v1 Akuma I can't see him losing this

  77. Simoun O'Brien

    Simoun O'Brien

    23 gün önce

    This fight is far better than Ryu vs Jin. And it is only 2D XD!!!!

  78. Avp Sonic

    Avp Sonic

    23 gün önce

    leatherface vs granny both are psycho killers

    • Fritzy


      22 gün önce

      God no. Just no. Put leatherface against an ACTUAL horror icon.

  79. Levi Bradley

    Levi Bradley

    24 gün önce

    You might say this win was... predictable...

  80. BladeCrossEXE


    24 gün önce

    Anyone else miss when they'd do a short intro before naming the characters?

  81. dantae lloyd

    dantae lloyd

    24 gün önce

    Trevor Belmont vs GUTS



    24 gün önce

    Rock Howard: My dad is worse than your dad! Kazuya Mishima: My dad is worse than your dad! Jin Kazama: Your’re worse than grandad because you were never grew up in my life! Terry Bogard: Why am I here? Are you all three ok?

  83. DeltaPrime350


    24 gün önce

    One of my favs this season.

  84. xi jin pig

    xi jin pig

    25 gün önce

    So even in death battle aikido is useless??

    • MaoriGamerDooD


      17 gün önce

      Not really. Heihachi is just that damn stubborn and Good. I can only see Geese winning this if he was Nightmare Geese and had the 3 scrolls of immortality

  85. Bryce Wilson

    Bryce Wilson

    25 gün önce

    This was an obvious mismatch💯

  86. Husnain Naeem

    Husnain Naeem

    25 gün önce

    Daaaaaaammmmmmm Straight man that's Aewsom 🤟🏻🤟🏿🤟

  87. K3yBoardWarrior


    25 gün önce

    do this like a champion ship people that won you should appear more

  88. 777AntiEvil


    25 gün önce

    Heihachi was clearly gonna win. The jack robots can tank the space lasers like its nothing but then you have heihachi who can rip through the newer version of that same robot, my bad MULTIPLE newer versions of that same robot like butter. So this battle was pointless

  89. IrrationalBees


    25 gün önce

    Heihachi Mishima is NOT dead.

  90. Mukuro Ikusaba

    Mukuro Ikusaba

    26 gün önce

    Love both KOF and Tekken so either way it's a win-win Geese or Heihachi both kick ass!

  91. scantopup


    26 gün önce

    haihachi gets exploded heihachi: tis but a scratch

  92. Christopher Hawkins

    Christopher Hawkins

    27 gün önce

    Vexx vs knuckles Vexx vs knuckles Vexx vs knuckles Vexx vs knuckles Vexx vs knuckles Vexx vs knuckles Vexx vs knuckles

  93. boxy boy

    boxy boy

    27 gün önce


  94. Hajime 666

    Hajime 666

    27 gün önce

    15:38 stop saying it

  95. silentassason


    27 gün önce

    I am annoyed there was no hair stabbing

  96. Delvin Trotman

    Delvin Trotman

    27 gün önce

    Heihachi Vs akuma can u do that fight Wiz and boomstick

  97. Scorpionstrike7


    27 gün önce

    I have no clue what the hell Geese is saying.

    • MaoriGamerDooD


      17 gün önce

      @Scorpionstrike7 no problem. Geese is my favorite FG character. So Geese fans like me can't get enough of his engrish.🤣

    • Scorpionstrike7


      17 gün önce

      @MaoriGamerDooD Thanks bro!

    • MaoriGamerDooD


      17 gün önce

      Mishima, your Nightmare begins. PREDICTABO I will stain my hands with your blood old man. Repukken, Double repukken PREDICTABO PREDICTAAAABOOOO Too easy AAAAAAAAAAAAAH You cannot, escape from death. AAAAAAAAAARG!

  98. Randy Alatorres

    Randy Alatorres

    28 gün önce

    I requested a new deathbattle between turles vs tobirama senju.

  99. Junebug


    28 gün önce


  100. Junebug


    28 gün önce