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  1. i am nonexistent

    i am nonexistent

    2 saatler önce

    reality shifters: "hopefully i won't wake up this time"

  2. Matias Gonzalez

    Matias Gonzalez

    21 saatler önce

    la extraño

  3. shyne


    21 saatler önce

    hopefully i wont wake up this time!!

  4. vaexa


    Gün önce

    This songs make me in really good fill when i hear that i think about holydays omgg

  5. Cvispy.


    Gün önce

    When music understands you more than your everyone 🕺🕺🕺👽👌

  6. :)


    2 gün önce

    I love this song so much

  7. Juan Santillan

    Juan Santillan

    3 gün önce

    Buenísima 🍾👌🤠

  8. Martin S

    Martin S

    3 gün önce

    Muchas gracias por existir esta canción, la verdad me hace muy feliz, cuando me dañan esta canción me hace sentir mejor

  9. July Stylinson

    July Stylinson

    5 gün önce

    12mil views and only 54 comments... something aint right here

  10. Paula Benavente

    Paula Benavente

    7 gün önce


  11. Sarina Yussufii

    Sarina Yussufii

    8 gün önce

    10 mil. Likes and only 50 comments?

  12. Siritho17


    8 gün önce


  13. ༄𝚁𝚎𝚔𝚒༄


    11 gün önce


  14. Poly Freitas

    Poly Freitas

    11 gün önce

    q musica cara q musica

  15. That annoying kid

    That annoying kid

    12 gün önce

    this use to be my exes favorite song. every time I listen to this song tears start forming in my eyes reminding me how much of a mistake it was to get back with him again

    • iatemymotheryesterday


      2 gün önce


  16. mabel


    13 gün önce

    Me encanta me encanta

  17. Adriano Alvarado

    Adriano Alvarado

    13 gün önce

  18. Yuno Chan

    Yuno Chan

    16 gün önce


  19. Milena Franco

    Milena Franco

    16 gün önce

    love it

  20. Diego Melendez Jerez

    Diego Melendez Jerez

    17 gün önce

    . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  21. its the goat abe

    its the goat abe

    17 gün önce

    I love this song. I'm going through a hard break up and this song really hits hard for me

  22. v8uygu8y87yg8ug y8ugyuvuiyvu

    v8uygu8y87yg8ug y8ugyuvuiyvu

    18 gün önce


  23. Rubi Alexandra

    Rubi Alexandra

    18 gün önce

    1:30 I dream of you almost every night

    • BagelBear


      9 gün önce

      I love your pfp shsjjhsjsjsjs

  24. Ñëkø


    18 gün önce

    This is something that you can use as a vent..also this is AMAZING and VeRY good quality! But like I said, good to vent to,

  25. Robert McLaughlin, Jr.

    Robert McLaughlin, Jr.

    19 gün önce

    I am just a freak.....😭😔😔😔.....

  26. Lone.passat


    20 gün önce

    Why is golden freddy on the wall

  27. Raihan Marshando

    Raihan Marshando

    21 gün önce

  28. Taekook. Chu

    Taekook. Chu

    22 gün önce

    Love it😩🤚🏻

  29. Qwizzle


    22 gün önce

    I randomly found this on my mix and it’s actually pretty good :)

  30. wormz


    22 gün önce

    This type of music is similar to day wave

  31. Mr clean

    Mr clean

    23 gün önce


  32. ᴠᴀʟᴇʀɪᴇ


    24 gün önce

    q linda canción

  33. Lina Marlina

    Lina Marlina

    24 gün önce

    this song really hit the different (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  34. Natt.2097


    24 gün önce

    AAAAA amoo

  35. dream smp

    dream smp

    24 gün önce


  36. Deeznuts 7

    Deeznuts 7

    24 gün önce


  37. Matt 16

    Matt 16

    25 gün önce

    3.5m views but the subscriber is only 74

  38. Zuza Wiśniewski

    Zuza Wiśniewski

    28 gün önce

    Im so happyyy

  39. Maria Gale

    Maria Gale

    28 gün önce

    Awesome song. Love it!

  40. ヒソカ


    Aylar önce

    Love it:(

  41. Kacang Ganteng

    Kacang Ganteng

    Aylar önce


  42. PebleBug


    Aylar önce

    Its just,,, really good

  43. Jayla Alexis

    Jayla Alexis

    Aylar önce

    where tf are the comments

    • isolated girl

      isolated girl

      Aylar önce

      Its auto generated by youtube so most people can't see it in their recommended

    • StrangeWeirdThingYT ;-;

      StrangeWeirdThingYT ;-;

      Aylar önce


  44. i am nonexistent

    i am nonexistent

    Aylar önce

    this song is way too relatable but it makes me happy bc it makes me feel at home

    • i am nonexistent

      i am nonexistent

      2 saatler önce

      @jakkie morales nah

    • jakkie morales

      jakkie morales

      13 saatler önce

      omg,i thought i was the only one

  45. priscilla poblete

    priscilla poblete

    Aylar önce

    love it :(

  46. anto !

    anto !

    Aylar önce

    love it.

  47. Jeremy Brown

    Jeremy Brown

    Aylar önce

    dont kill me

  48. Wxstful


    Aylar önce

    Amazing !

  49. Sekar Chrysan Bawana

    Sekar Chrysan Bawana

    Aylar önce


    • yumekosfav


      18 gün önce

      Your pfp is me when I listen this song😩

  50. boiled farts

    boiled farts

    Aylar önce

    soo good

  51. edoesrandomstuff


    Aylar önce

    lyrics! Don't kill me just help me run away From everyone I need a place to stay Where I can cover up my face Don't cry, I am just a freak I am just a freak I am just a freak I am just a freak My head is filled with parasites Black holes cover up my eyes I dream of you almost every night Hopefully I won't wake up this time I won't wake up this time I won't wake up this time I won't wake up this time

    • ꧁❶ Mia ꧂

      ꧁❶ Mia ꧂

      23 saatler önce


    • McDonaldsKaeyaHere


      Gün önce

      @Sofia Terranova ikr

    • Sofia Terranova

      Sofia Terranova

      3 gün önce

      wow not alot of lyrics

    • Snoop_Froggie_Frogg


      9 gün önce

      @edoesrandomstuff :D

    • edoesrandomstuff


      9 gün önce

      @Snoop_Froggie_Frogg no problem!

  52. sin


    Aylar önce

    This is so good.

  53. Gubler


    Aylar önce

    This let's one feel free from everything

  54. Emi con fritas

    Emi con fritas

    Aylar önce

    second comment ✨✨