Bees are Getting Smarter

Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, smart bees figure out how to open a bottle of soda.

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Also in this video, a dog has a seizure. A bug holds on to a drill. A clam fights back. A sheep dog has a difficult time with a sheep. A snapping turtle bites a water bottle.people skydive from a helicopter. A timelapse of a lunar eclipse. 2 cats hugs each other.

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  1. Kyle Chen

    Kyle Chen

    17 gün önce


    • Phantom Elixir

      Phantom Elixir

      Gün önce

      *viva la revolution, lol.*

    • •NightBlaze•


      Gün önce


    • Qualtent


      Gün önce


    • Gaming With Mango And RRR

      Gaming With Mango And RRR

      3 gün önce

      What? I dont get it

    • CHU Yan Yick Lucas朱恩懌

      CHU Yan Yick Lucas朱恩懌

      3 gün önce

      Lol very funny

  2. Diamond_Enderman


    40 dakika önce

    0:47 that clam scared me so bad I thought it hit me

  3. Tanta


    48 dakika önce

    At 0:57 it's a stinkbug my guy

  4. Derek Rupell

    Derek Rupell

    Saatler önce

    random guy: *gets sprayed with water by a clam* The bug on the drill the next second: *SpIiIiIiIiIiIiInNnNnNnN*

  5. Sean Blender

    Sean Blender

    Saatler önce

    dude when you see a spiky turtle you dont just go up to it

  6. MarkFrank Maximum Production [M.M.P]

    MarkFrank Maximum Production [M.M.P]

    5 saatler önce

    1:51 Perfectly cut screams



    5 saatler önce

    The bee on the right Bobby: CMON JIMMY WE CAN DO THIS Jimmy: WE DID IT Bobby wait this ain’t pollen

  8. chaos Hölle

    chaos Hölle

    6 saatler önce

    Waht da

  9. The News Breaker

    The News Breaker

    7 saatler önce

    I saw that Chris notap video the other day

  10. ridzuan husin

    ridzuan husin

    7 saatler önce

    old bees:we get bullied now bees:what? wdym there no bullied me

  11. Signe Dahl

    Signe Dahl

    8 saatler önce

    1:10 The dog be like: Wait, that’s illegal

  12. RiSk


    9 saatler önce

    1:09 Plot twist: The dog is a bully and that sheep faces him

  13. Jay Diamond Sonic

    Jay Diamond Sonic

    10 saatler önce

    That's a nice dog

  14. Yyyyzyyy


    10 saatler önce

    He didn't really "create" the breathing machine, that sort of contraption has been done a zillion times.

  15. Vasi Jojo

    Vasi Jojo

    11 saatler önce

    F in replay for that bug

    • Vasi Jojo

      Vasi Jojo

      11 saatler önce

      Any F?

  16. Luis Felipe

    Luis Felipe

    11 saatler önce

    Brazilian Bees in Rio de Janeiro be like: 0:10

  17. dolita windo

    dolita windo

    12 saatler önce


  18. Insert Good Name

    Insert Good Name

    16 saatler önce

    I like this video



    18 saatler önce

    Lol while that bug was on the drill the same bug was watching this vid on my arm but when I saw it I yeeted it out of my arm and packed my stuff and left my house after I sold it

    • dolita windo

      dolita windo

      12 saatler önce

      The bug must have a fun ride dieing in peace

  20. Cori Lane

    Cori Lane

    19 saatler önce

    And bees will soon have a higher IQ than the average human and will want revenge for us eating there honey

  21. CloudyplayzYT


    19 saatler önce

    the most cute adorable ending

  22. Damian Reyes Avila

    Damian Reyes Avila

    19 saatler önce

    .🟢.Amazing Drink Cup Plastic Movie.🟢.

  23. Sc0pee


    20 saatler önce

    Bees are now getting dumber again, thanks to Thermocell. So it's fine!

  24. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    22 saatler önce

    Bee 1: Ah yes, we must collect the honey from this strange flower Bee 2: Yes we will!

  25. Scarlet


    23 saatler önce

    Dare: try to Rick roll us

  26. Cast Du

    Cast Du

    23 saatler önce

    The bees arnt that smart they just finna drown

    • soiung toiue

      soiung toiue

      22 saatler önce

      Bees: getting smarter by working together by opening a soda bottle Me: aW hElL nAaAaAaAaAh

  27. B Burdette

    B Burdette

    Gün önce


  28. escola gacha

    escola gacha

    Gün önce

    Ele notando os videos dos br kkk 1 hi from brasil

  29. Suphatra Jumnongnart

    Suphatra Jumnongnart

    Gün önce

    A dude:Nah they can only take of the cap 2076: bees has control of the nuclear weapons

  30. AviatorAnimations


    Gün önce

    Bees were already smart

  31. WarriorDoodle OWO

    WarriorDoodle OWO

    Gün önce

    I would have thank the bees for opening my soda

  32. Damian Lopez

    Damian Lopez

    Gün önce

    On an anvil made of LEAD NOT LEN.

  33. rusty paperclip productions YT

    rusty paperclip productions YT

    Gün önce

    We're all doomed first it's monkeys smoking and now this

  34. Kaiden - Roblox

    Kaiden - Roblox

    Gün önce

    The bug must have a fun ride dieing in peace

  35. The Expired Marshmallow

    The Expired Marshmallow

    Gün önce

    1:51 they removed save the turtles from their bio after that one

  36. Philipe


    Gün önce

    The first clip is from Brazillllll

  37. arturiux mandarinas

    arturiux mandarinas

    Gün önce

    That sheep was saying"Im nobodies bitch"

  38. Clare Claratehia

    Clare Claratehia

    Gün önce

    the smoking part was stupid

  39. Ant “Ant_Gaming_” Gaming

    Ant “Ant_Gaming_” Gaming

    Gün önce

    0:45 that scared me

  40. Levi The Baddest

    Levi The Baddest

    Gün önce

    I thought it was a jar of honey in the thumbnail. I thought them bees was taking back what's theirs

  41. Shadow


    Gün önce

    Bees: *getting smarter by working together by opening a soda bottle* Me: *aW hElL nAaAaAaAaAh*

  42. Fried Potato

    Fried Potato

    Gün önce

    Bees are soon going to be able to open our doors and attack us 😵‍💫

  43. Luke Rakoske

    Luke Rakoske

    Gün önce

    that poor bug

  44. Sushi Slushi

    Sushi Slushi

    Gün önce

    Someday the bees will rule the world

  45. Just Some Guy With Eyes

    Just Some Guy With Eyes

    Gün önce

    bee movie is REALL

  46. BROT YT


    Gün önce

    That jumpscare tho.. 1:49

  47. KarmaKoon18


    Gün önce

    0:47 bruh that made me hit head at the side of the wall

  48. AdzzyM -

    AdzzyM -

    Gün önce

    boy oh boy youre voice is terrible

    • Ramen


      Gün önce

      Stfu 🤡

  49. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    Gün önce

    That's such a sweet turtle... uhm, ladies.... that's a snapping turtle, and it cant bite a broomstick in half.

  50. Orangeguicee


    Gün önce

    The turtle was probably a female because males normally stay in the water and females go onshore to lay eggs :)

  51. Starlixx


    Gün önce

    No kidding 😂

    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

      Gün önce

      0:59 THATS A STINK BUG!

  52. HYDR0_VR


    Gün önce

    Bro the clam one scared me so bad

  53. Jessica Glendale

    Jessica Glendale

    Gün önce

    Ngl that music at 2:36 was almost a little sus dog 🤣🤣

  54. T-Pose Kermit

    T-Pose Kermit

    Gün önce

    1:43 the way the girls are talking me laugh

  55. Emma Cornelson

    Emma Cornelson

    Gün önce

    That bug tho

  56. The Wolf Prince of Darkness

    The Wolf Prince of Darkness

    2 gün önce

    Everyone gangsta till the bees become strong enough to open bottles

  57. paolo bebero

    paolo bebero

    2 gün önce

    Ship: We will not be bullied or be told what to do from this day on! For I am gonna take my stand!.. Dog: Know your role you peasant!

    • MTPJR113


      Gün önce

      I think you mean sheep 😃

  58. Suds


    2 gün önce

    Jim (the bee): "Alright Bob, you take that end and I'll take this end, we have to twist it to the left to take it off" Bob (the other bee): "So how much sugar do you think is in here?" Jim: "Alot more than you think Bob, we have to this now before a human comes" Bob: "Ok"

  59. dogebr150


    2 gün önce

    these bees are in brazil and in brazil the crime rate is high where that girl was

  60. Elizabeth Stamps

    Elizabeth Stamps

    2 gün önce

    Bee’s: don’t be surprised if one day I just..take over humans

  61. Sorrell Erick

    Sorrell Erick

    2 gün önce

    The lewd waste fortuitously increase because rainbow ethnopharmacologically rain toward a somber sousaphone. gabby, modern replace

  62. Dayton Whittle

    Dayton Whittle

    2 gün önce

    That a snike bug

  63. Danielle Rickard

    Danielle Rickard

    2 gün önce

    That poor bug

  64. yymenghis64


    2 gün önce

    How is this possible?!? I know I left this seconds ago, sombooooody must beeee trying TO SELL ME SOMETHING!

  65. cookieman360n


    2 gün önce

    Oof that bug went boof

  66. Commander Sans

    Commander Sans

    2 gün önce


  67. Amber :’]

    Amber :’]

    2 gün önce

    Soon, bees will rule the word.

  68. cheekyz


    2 gün önce

    0:40 he disturbed the clam he deserved it

  69. Cynthia Rowell

    Cynthia Rowell

    2 gün önce

    The protective half-brother immunohistologically man because flare intraperitonally squeak save a handsomely cabbage. loud, long-term peak

  70. justPeachy


    2 gün önce

    0:50 omg they found a "salagubang" that is wat it called in filipino

  71. mochixfidgets


    2 gün önce

    0:48 i flinched

  72. Nicbot44


    2 gün önce

    0:22 faith in humanity restored

  73. Ff Tg

    Ff Tg

    2 gün önce

    1:30 common sense folks standing upto woke mob

  74. WilliamBaked


    2 gün önce

    good thing my lungs are not made out of cotton wool ;D

  75. Nyuriz


    2 gün önce

    You like jazz?

  76. Shiranai LS01

    Shiranai LS01

    2 gün önce

    1:45 did they know that turtle is actually snapping turtle. One of the most painful bite ever

  77. LaserLights


    2 gün önce

    They must use more brainpower to make up for the lack of drones

  78. ItzCatPlayz


    2 gün önce

    1:00 *insert Interstellar music*

  79. arxmixz


    2 gün önce

    2:26 someone tell me how my dad is not dead yet 😩😩

  80. João OP

    João OP

    2 gün önce

    Caralho um vídeo em português



    2 gün önce

    1:24 revolution begins

  82. A Doge On A Rocket

    A Doge On A Rocket

    2 gün önce

    Sheep: fights back Dog: I wasn’t trained for this crap

  83. Andy Blood-Beard

    Andy Blood-Beard

    2 gün önce

    Hope they're smart enough to live longer.

  84. Alicat Gtz

    Alicat Gtz

    2 gün önce

    Looks like that one sheep isn’t down with herd mentality. ……or it’s actually the wolf in sheep’s clothing, that’s why it’s not scared 👀

  85. Evhan Clyde Dela Cruz

    Evhan Clyde Dela Cruz

    2 gün önce


  86. Caparroz


    2 gün önce

    WTF! Bees are stealing shit now? Hears PT-BR Ah, ok. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  87. Bee


    2 gün önce

    the revolution has begun you cannot stop us now

  88. Retro Scope

    Retro Scope

    3 gün önce

    1:09 when I tried to fight back the bullies, and everyone in class was just watching

  89. Zac Scoullar

    Zac Scoullar

    3 gün önce

    2:00 this is a funny meme for quarantine for 2020 where they could not go another day of it

  90. Dylan Matthew Aquilet

    Dylan Matthew Aquilet

    3 gün önce

    2:33 Sadly I couldnt see the lunar eclipse as it was covered in clouds

  91. C K

    C K

    3 gün önce

    Nice total lunar eclipse

  92. Mayhem Gamer

    Mayhem Gamer

    3 gün önce

    “Open up papa” :/

  93. Emory


    3 gün önce

    I remember in secondary school there was this huge bush in the playground and during summer time my friend would collect bees in a bottle and torture them with water. Fun 🤪

  94. The Foxhole

    The Foxhole

    3 gün önce

    The clam 9 months later 👶👩

  95. Angel Antonio Garcia Maldonado

    Angel Antonio Garcia Maldonado

    3 gün önce

    2:51 I thought the ball was smelting

  96. LottyKryax


    3 gün önce


  97. sharpy550


    3 gün önce

    1:09 shaun the sheep

  98. Rodanfire13


    3 gün önce

    that is so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  99. dakibmw


    3 gün önce

    Bees: getting smarter Sheep: becoming rebellious Humans: "Oh, a TIK TOK video"